Barraso's (R-WY) claim that Don Berwick is Obama's health care rationing czarBrad DeLong's Virtual Green Room WikiBrad DeLong's Virtual Green Room Wiki List of Entries
Claims that only inflationistas who want to turn us into Zimbabwe favor higher inflationClaims that we should be optimistic because the yield curve is upward slopingDebt ceiling Kabuki
Democrats are proposing a 62% top tax rateDouglas Holtz-Eakin's claim that it would be reckless to pass a clean increase in the debt ceilingGOP's jobs agenda
GOP's jobs agenda IIGeorge Melloan's claim that markets are nervous about the Fed's inflationary policy and that the Fed will bankrupt itself if it raises interest ratesGlenn Hubbard's claim that Obama has "ruled out long-term entitlement spending restraint"
John McCain's claim that Sarah Palin can beat Barack ObamaJon Huntsman: Another Republican who used to be for the health-care mandateJune 10, 2011
June 4, 2011June 5, 2011June 6, 2011
June 7, 2011June 9, 2011Megan McArdle's false claim that we could not cover the Social Security deficit by restoring the high-income bracket to Clinton-era levels
Nocera's plea that Democrats not scorn Paul RyanOECD claim that stimulative policy is largely exhausted; hence we have to go structuralOn Tim Pawlenty's claim that ObamaCare has added to the national debt
On the Republican claim that Obama has increased nondefense discretionary spending by 80%On the claim that Obama is waiving the law for Democratic campaign contributorsOn the claim that all approaches to curbing Medicare spending are unproven
On the claim that investors are today worried about a U.S. defaultOn the claim that the Ryan plan's Medicare cuts are no bigger than those of the Affordable Care ActPaul Ryan's claim that ObamaCare kills Medicare as we know it
Pawlenty's claim that President Obama is setting up this false choice between default and raising the debt ceilingRepublican 5% growth strategyRepublican claims that 51% of households don't pay any taxes
Republican claims that contractionary fiscal policy is expansionaryRepublican opposition to raising the debt ceilingRomney's claim that uncertainty about government policy hobbles the recovery
Ruth Marcus's claim that Democrats are crying "wolf" and "Mediscare"Ruth Marcus's claim that Democrats refuse to acknowledge the need for any changes in the path of Medicare spendingRuth Marcus's complaints about Democrats' "Mediscare"
Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it: cross-country evidence says it is a bad ideaRyan plan to end Medicare as we know it: it's not Bill Clinton's faultRyan plan to end Medicare as we know it: the Ryan plan is not comparable to Medicare D
Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it: there is no delivery-system reform proposalSPEAKS FOR ITSELF: David Brooks's advice on how Republicans should maneuver to try to destroy MedicareSPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Harvey Mansfield's claim that being capable of rape better qualifies a person for greatness
SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Kevin D. WilliamsonSPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Rand Paul wants to throw people in jail for listening to speechesSPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Republican whip Kevin McCarthy
SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Roger Ailes's personal paranoia about MuslimsSTUPIDEST RIGHT-WING CLAIM OF THE DAY: Robert Lucas's claim that Barack Obama's election has permanently depressed U.S. real GDP by 8%Signs of accelerating wage increases in mid-2011
Silly questions we should be ready to answerSmears of Elizabeth WarrenStephen Moore's 62% top rate once again
Virtual Green Room: June 3, 2011Wall Street Journal's false claim that the regulatory tax is now larger than the income taxWallison's claim that Fannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis
Yuval Levin's claim that the Ryan plan would protect seniors with pre-existing conditions
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